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Inspirational Blogs

Here are a few blogs that I’ve come across that have helped me, be it through teaching me how to improve my own blog, or interesting information that would normally be difficult to find.

James Baker – The Storyboard Artist that I interviewed

Erik Benson – Another Storyboard Artist from Pixar that I have been in touch with

Lee Unkrich – Director of Toy Story 3, not so much a blog, but still interesting

Bill Cone – Designer Staff at Pixar



‘The Art Of…’ Book series

I recently came across a series of books that I had never seen before in shops or online, and stumbled across them when searching for animated films on Amazon. They all feature art work from the production of certain films, which vary greatly in variety. They are typically for the big budget movies from Hollywood but nonetheless the artwork featured in the preview pages alone was enough to get me interested and buy one.

The Art of Wreck-It Ralph, the latest release from Disney


The Art of Brave, Pixar’s latest film


The Art of Marvel’s Avengers, this has more on the production of the film, not just art work as live action doesn’t require as many drawn aspects before the film is made.


I found a very interesting article on Online Piracy, written by the developer of the video game Minecraft. He talks about how instead of trying to fight Piracy and how it will inevitably always happen, he writes about what creators can do to embrace it, and help people find incentives to buy the retail copy of the product. I thought this could apply to many media items, such as films. For example, it’s extremely easy to watch or download the latest films for free, and although some will go out and buy the film if they decide they like it, the number of people that do this is not consistent enough for studios to rely on. Therefore it is better to offer incentives from actually buying the film legally. Such examples could be commentaries from the makers, reward schemes and other extras. While this is already being done to an extent, it needs to be more known that when you buy the disc/download, there are worthy reasons to do so.

The article can be found here:


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